Markko Vaarnas

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Managing Partner
+358(0)40 540 3390

The co-founder and CEO of Global Intelligence Alliance Group (GIA Group) between 1995-2014, Markko has worked hands-on on every aspect of business that a SaaS / growth company needs to consider: Product development, strategy, go-to-market planning, sales & marketing, finance, team development, M&A and corporate governance.

Today, Markko serves as the chairman or member of the Board for numerous companies. He has also served as a coach at Kiuas Accelerator and is an active SaaS consultant and a member of FiBAN (Finnish Business Angels Network) and DIF (Directors’ Institute Finland).


During his 20 years with GIA Group, Markko oversaw the company’s growth from a small Finnish startup into a global leader in Market Intelligence software and services. GIA Group was acquired by M-Brain Group in 2014, by which time it had 15 mEUR in annual revenue and a headcount of 150.

Markko has a reputation of being a strong visionary and a strategist, yet paying close attention to high quality execution. As a leader and co-worker he is widely respected among customers, business partners and colleagues alike.

With Takeoff Partners, Markko wants to make his knowledge and experience available to other companies and individuals who may benefit from them. He values shared goals, transparent cooperation and an energetic and result-oriented approach to work.

During his free time Markko enjoys team sports and reads business literature and crime fiction. More recently, he is also a part-time boutique hotelier in Indonesia. Fancy a proper getaway holiday? Check out and book your visit!