Irmeli Hirvensalo

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Senior Consultant

A strategic communications and thought leadership marketing professional with a passion for helping B2B companies articulate and grow their business, both in their home markets and internationally. 

Irmeli's expertise lies in clearly conveying complex ideas, making her an ideal partner for companies looking to define their strategic marketing plans and business narratives:

  • Crafting a company's positioning, value proposition, key messaging, product offerings, and overall strategy
  • Developing clear and compelling investor decks, company presentations, website content, blog articles, and equity stories
  • Conducting market insights projects to explore and capitalize on overseas market opportunities
  • Communicating complex ideas for audiences that are not necessarily subject matter experts

In her capacity as a Business Director and in various senior roles over the course of her career, Irmeli is distinguished by her expertise in investor communications and software, market intelligence, ESG communications, brand development, and general knowledge about a wide range of industry verticals. She has also run corporate-wide Net Promoter Score (NPS) programs. 

Together with Markko Vaarnas and Hans Hedin, Irmeli has co-authored the best-selling book 'The Handbook of Market Intelligence', published by Wiley.