We have worked with numerous SaaS and service companies in different roles: As advisors, Board members, or consultants on targeted projects related to internationalization, leadership development, strategic positioning, planning for financial structure and growth financing, or SaaS business development.

Occasionally we also invest in the companies we work with (see our investment portfolio further down the page).

Feedback from our clients 

Case Lenio: Growth plan and Investor Deck

"Takeoff Partners delivered a series of projects for us that first concentrated on SaaS business consulting and altering our ownership structure. We then continued with producing an investor deck and finding market insights to support our expansion plans. We successfully raised growth funding as a result from these efforts. 

Overall, our team appreciated the professional yet down-to-earth approach of Takeoff Partners, and would happily recommend them as great support and a sounding board to growth-minded SaaS companies.

Simo Mäkinen
CEO at Lenio

Case Koti Puhtaaksi: Board membership

“Markko from Takeoff Partners has really added value to our company Koti Puhtaaksi Oy by being on the company's Board of Directors. Markko is calm and makes considered decisions.

His special ability is to crystallize other people’s unstructured ideas into clear To Do lists and make sure that the action points will actually take place. I warmly recommend Markko especially for growth companies and their Board work.”

Saana Tyni
CEO at Koti Puhtaaksi Oy

Case Avoset: Board membership

“Working with Markko has been a pleasure. Our Board work at Avoset has developed towards a more professional direction with Markko's help, and we have found ways to dodge the pitfalls that usually come across when the business is in rapid growth stage. Thank you!”

Tuomas Saranen
CEO at Avoset (part of Eficode since July 2023)

Case Lahti Precision: Investor Deck for the SaaS product ‘mScales’

“Takeoff Partners’ strong expertise from SaaS business and understanding of the relevant KPIs helped us to define what steps will be required for achieving the set business targets in two years’ time.”

Juho Koskinen
CEO at Lahti Precision Oy

Case MeetingPackage: Raising financing & Supporting international expansion

“I have learned a lot as Founder and CEO and I can truly say that I/we wouldn’t be the company we are today without the help from Takeoff Partners.”

Joonas Ahola
CEO & Founder at MeetingPackage

Case Supervise: Strategy for Growth and Internationalization

““Takeoff Partners has been a tremendous help in planning for Supervise Oy's growth and internationalization strategy. We have been steered in the right direction without pushing, and it's been good to have an external advisor looking at things from a different perspective.”

Lasse Teeriaho
Founder at Supervise Oy

Our portfolio

We work with our portfolio companies either as a team or as individual investors and advisors. Common to practically all our portfolio companies is that they are active in B2B software and service businesses. See the Services and What's new sections for more information. 


Buildie offers software products for the construction industry. In particular, Buildie’s software tools help construction companies with fulfilling their increasingly demanding documentation requirements.

CollectiveCrunch is an AI leader in the forestry industry. The company collects climate, geo and process data and crunches this information into AI models for better prediction of forest inventories and forest management parameters. 

Cuckoo Workout is a work wellness startup company founded by two women entrepreneurs in 2014. Cuckoo Workout offers its B2B customers a web-based activity game that activates office workers during the workday and helps avoid the risks of sedentary work.

Framery – The Framery O phone booth gives employees privacy and the opportunity for uninterrupted work. Placing the booths in the middle of the staff solves the common noise problems in an open-plan office.

Futures Platform is a web-based, collaborative strategic foresight tool that helps organizations make sure that their plans and activities are in sync with how the world is changing.

Howspace is a consulting project engagement platform designed to drive productivity by replacing in-person workshops across distributed teams. The platform is already trusted by 100+ organizations in 10 countries.

HUONE is an award-winning event venue concept that operates full-service meeting and event venues in Helsinki, Singapore and Denmark. HUONE's packages include creative meeting rooms, restaurant services, a personal event coordinator and online tools developed by the company.

LATO Tools brings your strategy from boardroom into action. Once you have defined your business plans, the LATO software automates the cascading of goals and actions. It organizes transparent status reporting and follow-up routines saving time and effort. 


Liveto is an event sales service that allows event organizers to handle ticket sales, merchandise, and even accommodations by using a single online platform. The smart event sales shop can be embedded in the organizer's website, allowing a smooth shopping experience for their customers. is a unique web service through which B2B customers will easily find ready-made offsite meeting packages of all sizes. Package suppliers benefit from additional sales. Customers benefit from ease of use, time savings, and transparency of package content and price.

Miradore specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for managing IT devices efficiently. The company’s goal is to help Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT departments to secure and control IT devices, while dramatically cutting costs. is a service platform that makes it possible for consumers to publicly send constructive feedback to any company. Nonono enables the targeted companies to respond to the feedback equally publicly, that way offering them a great opportunity for doing positive marketing.


Taitori builds smart solutions for easier office space and visitor management. Taitori's solutions allow companies to utilize their office spaces more effectively, make catering orders seamlessly together with room bookings and display booking status and other data to the staff.

Topaasia makes meetings and workshops more effective, participatory and action-oriented with its set of card games. The end result of a playing session is a concrete action plan for improving the discussed subject. The games are also available on a digital platform, ideal for remote meetings.

Videoly is the easiest way to cover your online store with video content. They make use of the product related videos already available on the internet – and integrate them directly to your product pages.

Zero Keyboard is a mobile app that allows its users to enter data into Salesforce without typing. Users will respond to pre-set questions with gestures, pictures and voice recording, and Zero Keyboard turns everything into readable information in Salesforce.