Internationalizing B2B software and services

Takeoff Partners are experienced growth advisors and private investors. As entrepreneurs we have built pioneering businesses from the ground up into global leaders. We have routinely worked with Fortune 500 companies as customers, and we have completed many successful financing rounds with venture capital investors. 

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We provide advisory and coaching that leverages our experience in growing businesses in Americas, APAC and Europe.

Depending on the situation we may work on targeted development projects or serve as interim leaders of growth related initiatives.

We also invest in some of the companies we work with, and serve as members of the Board as needed.

New eBook: KPI Benchmarks Every SaaS Leader Should Understand

SaaS metrics is a popular theme of which there is a lot of high-quality content available. However, as of present, one needs to do quite a lot of research to gain a proper understanding on how to interpret different SaaS KPIs. This eBook is designed to help gain an in-depth understanding on how to evalate the key SaaS KPIs and how to benchmark your business against your peers.

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Reaching new heights

Flying may feel magical, however getting up there is no magic but hard work and careful preparation. Similarly, growing a business into an international success is about systematic work rather than magic. We have summarized our experiences into a set of best practices for other 'born globals' to take advantage of.

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Our background:
The GIA story

Global Intelligence Alliance Group (GIA) introduced the idea of “market intelligence as a service” to the corporate world. During 15 years and with the support of CapMan, 3i Group and private investors, the Finnish startup grew into a 15 MEUR business with 11 offices around the world and 150 professionals as employees. M-Brain Group acquired GIA in 2014. Read more

Our background:
The Blancco story

Blancco is the world’s leading provider of data erasure software. Founded in 1997, Blancco is headquartered in Finland and operates from a network of 17 international offices and partners across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia.  Read more

White Paper:
Success factors of internationalization

Taking startups global is a trending topic around the world. Yet there is very little publicly available literature on structuring the phases of taking a business overseas. This White Paper discusses – through a framework approach - what successful internationalization typically requires from the team, product, business processes, positioning, and customer engagement.

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What's new

Expanding to North America: here’s how you do it in 2021

Jouko Virtanen from Takeoff Partners has overseen several successful expansions to North America. He says that in 2021, the same laws apply to how to make it successful as before—but you need to also turn the accelerating digitalization to your advantage.