Takeoff Partners invests in Pilvi™, online business enabler

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Takeoff Partners has invested in Pilvi™ (www.pilvi.com), an online sales automation and management platform for cloud services. Pilvi offers two types of services: it provides plug and play online shops for small and mid-size SaaS companies. It also enables cloud and hosting service providers to sell their capacity and services online. The primary objective for Pilvi of this financing round was to involve experienced advisors in its team to support its growth and internationalization. 

Pilvi’s entire EUR 250 000 financing round is a combination of a Tekes loan and equity capital from private investors. Along with Takeoff Partners, the investor consortium consists of experts in online business that join on board, bringing in their knowledge and experience as advisors and Board members of the company.

Says Leif Backman, Senior Partner at Takeoff Partners: “We’re strongly focused on working with SaaS companies that want to grow and internationalize their services. Pilvi is an enabler of online sales, and as such it fits nicely in our portfolio. Not only does it have growth ambitions of its own but it’s also well positioned to help other Finnish SaaS companies realize their online growth potential globally. Pilvi also has a strong background, relying on the expertise in electronic trade of such companies as Louhi and Smilehouse.”

Tapio Talvisalo, Founder and CEO of Pilvi describes the background and objections for the financing round: "Pilvi is part of the financially solid Winterbackwoods Group. Hence, rather than to purely obtain financing, our primary goal with this investment was to strengthen our advisory team with committed and experienced business angels. Particularly valuable for us is the new investors’ industry expertise in SaaS and sales automation, as well as in growing business overseas.”

Talvisalo continues: “We’ve already had our first Board meeting with the new team involved, and we’ve happily concluded that we made the right decision. The best support for an entrepreneur comes from another entrepreneur, and we now got several to the team at once.”

Additional information:
Leif Backman, Takeoff Partners, tel. +358 (0)400 885 369
Tapio Talvisalo, Pilvi Cloud Company Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 503 5953