Takeoff Partners invests in Miradore, Device Lifecycle Management company

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Takeoff Partners has invested in Miradore, provider of IT device management solutions. Miradore solves a very timely challenge that companies have with managing their growing number of IT devices. Miradore also helps companies tackle the related security and regulatory demands.

Miradore has its roots in the Finnish paper company UPM; the founding team originally handled IT device management in the company. They then figured it would make sense to try and productize the software tools needed for device lifecycle management. The related processes, too, could be automated to a greater extent.

Miradore was founded in 2006, and it started off with a software product for PC device management. Later on, during 2013-2014, the company brought to the market its second product, software for mobile device management. Both are cloud-based SaaS software products. Customers are particularly fond of Miradore’s flexible licensing, world class customer support, and the remarkable ease of use of the products.

Growing number of mobile devices as a business driver

Kim Väisänen who serves as a Board member of Miradore is enthusiastic about the company’s excellent growth track record to date. Says Kim: “The growth in the number of mobile devices globally shows no signs of slowing down. Companies also share the struggle with the wide variety of different devices that their employees use. If the device lifecycle management is not properly taken care of, severe security issues and device management challenges will emerge. Miradore makes it very easy for companies to manage their IT devices, and this is not just marketing talk but ease of use is a resounding message from their happy customers.”

Simo Salmensuu, CEO of Miradore says: “We are very happy about Kim joining on board. With his background in device data erasure business through his previous company Blancco, Kim has tons of experience that is very relevant for us. Kim is also a highly networked person in this field, which is very valuable for us. We share the same context so to speak, so we’re looking forward to working together in a synergistic fashion.”

Eyeing the US and large EU countries

Having already passed the startup phase, Miradore is a growth company that treats Scandinavia as its home base and focuses its strongest international growth efforts on the US and the large EU countries. Miradore has customers in 10,000 organizations in 160 countries, and its products are being used for managing 1,000,000+ devices.

Miradore’s ownership is split between acting management, one VC investor and a few senior business angels, Kim Väisänen among them.