Takeoff Partners invests in LATO Leadership Automation Tools

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LATO's mobile application for the daily execution of strategy has convinced a number of customers and angel investors. The company aims at international growth.

LATO has developed a business leader's mobile tool that ensures and accelerates the execution of planned strategies. The solution is cloud-based, and it's already in use in tens of organizations, among them five of the Top 30 stock-listed companies in Finland.

”We are particularly interested in the global potential of LATO's application", says Markko Vaarnas, Managing partner of Takeoff Partners. "LATO's tool solves a universal problem among companies large and small, and it has already provoked interest overseas. There's clearly space in the market for a tool that helps decision-makers to put strategies into action. LATO's solution can be scaled up swiftly to the global markets", Vaarnas continues. 

Making strategy execution happen

"Tools to support strategic planning have existed for years but it's the execution side that has lacked real-time web/apps tools", says Juho Lipsanen, chairman of the board of LATO. "The operative legacy tools that companies have will rarely flex to providing genuine support for the execution on strategy, and the figures that the reporting tools produce focus on the past. Executing on strategy is about allocating responsibilities and following up on progress by project and by the individual. A tool for managing and measuring these has not existed previously", Lipsanen describes.

”You can't automate leadership but you can automate its routines", says Onni Matti Manninen, CEO of LATO. "95 percent of strategy is execution, and LATO's tool helps solve the problem of making execution happen. LATO runs on all mobile platforms, which makes it easy for leaders to follow up on strategy execution at the level of daily tasks, through smartphones and tablets", Manninen says.

Additional information:
Markko Vaarnas, Managing partner, Takeoff Partners
Onni Matti Manninen, CEO, LATO Leadership Automation Tools Oy, www.latotools.com