Takeoff Partners invests in Enbrite.ly as part of syndicate

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Enbrite.ly, the winner of Slush 2014 pitch competition, announced in May 2015 that it has closed it's investment round. The company was awarded at one of the largest startup investor events in the world a record breaking investment award worth 500,000 €, with the final closing growing to 750,000 €. Takeoff Partners was part of the investor syndicate.

The Slush pitch winner's award was doubled from the original 250,000€ to 500.000€ in just 48h prior to the conference held in November 2014. Enbrite.ly, a fresh Startup Sauna accelerator's graduate, won the competition from over 1300 applicants competing against the top 100 at the conference.

The syndicate includes persons in additional to Riku Asikainen also super angels Khausal Choksi (US, India), David S. Rose, New York Angels (US), Paulo Andrez, EBAN President emeritius (POR), Ari Korhonen, EBAN Vice-President (FIN), Albert Colomer, Banc (ES) altogether over 40 business angels from around the world.The final round was closed in cooperation with Evli bank with an additional venture capital investors Speed Invest increasing the final round to €750.000.