Takeoff Partners’ investor Kim Väisänen launches a book to help entrepreneurs become money magnets: "Learn from others' mistakes, do your homework"

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Kim Väisänen, a Takeoff Partners’ investor, award-winning business influencer, public speaker and the man behind the world’s leading data erasure software company Blancco, launches a must-read book for any entrepreneur wanting to really make it in the business world. His book Väärää yrittämistä, “The wrong kind of entrepreneurship” describes in concrete terms and using real-life examples what guarantees that a company will fail. By avoiding certain common mistakes and doing your homework, you can instead make sure the cash flows fast.

Takeoff Partners’ investor, Kim Väisänen, can without hesitation be described as one of the uncrowned kings of the Finnish business world. His expertise in business globalization has led to him receiving awards from the President of the Republic of Finland and his skills in entrepreneurship have made him a multimillionaire. On top of that, he has kept himself even busier as an active public speaker, a columnist and an acknowledged author. To the general public he is probably best known from Leijonan luola, the Finnish version of the popular tv-show Dragons’ Den. It’s no wonder his new book Väärää yrittämistä, “The wrong kind of entrepreneurship” is eagerly anticipated by many entrepreneurs thirsting to succeed.

Väisänen’s previous book Väärää vientiä “The wrong kind of export” is about the common mistakes companies make in when reaching out to international markets. The new book Väärää yrittämistä heads back to basics by searching for the roots of a successful startup business.

“Export is just a small section of the big whole that defines business. In Väärää yrittämistä, I wanted to include the entire field of business and the common errors made in the different sections of it. Rather than a sequel, I reckon this new book to be a ‘prequel’ to my previous book”, says Väisänen.

The book is must-read for anyone seriously thinking about making a lifestyle switch to entrepreneurship, to anyone interested in tips to successful startup business and also to entrepreneurs’ stakeholders. However, Väärää yrittämistä is anything but a sugar-coated representation of entrepreneurship.

If you read the book and still want to be an entrepreneur, great! Then it’s clear that you truly believe in your capacity and in your business idea – and have probably chosen just the right career path for you. If you instead have serious second thoughts about your start-up dream after finishing this book, that’s okay too. Entrepreneurship really isn’t the way to go for everybody” states Väisänen.

Kim Väisänen’s book Väärää yrittämistä, “The wrong kind of entrepreneurship” was published on 26th February 2019. You can purchase the book here.