Takeoff Partners helps Meetingpackage.com revolutionize B2B meeting reservation practices

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Takeoff Partners lead the 150 kEUR seed investment round for Meetingpackage.com in spring 2015. The web service that brings together B2B meeting organizers and venue providers in a transparent fashion is already in use by customers such as Restel, Sokos Hotels, Restamax, and several Best Western hotels.

Meetingpackage.com is a web-based marketplace such as Booking.com that helps companies reserve and manage offsite meetings. The online marketplace makes it easy to search and find popular meeting packages. Assistants and others who typically work on B2B meeting arrangements will save a lot of time and effort thanks to the transparent composition and pricing of the meeting packages.

"There's an unfilled niche in the marketplace for this type of online B2B meeting packages service, and the Meetingpackage.com team has a clear vision for scaling up the business internationally", says Takeoff Partners' Markko Vaarnas who led the investor syndicate. In connection with the financing round, the Board of the company was strengthened by Petteri Tuominen and Merit Tukiainen who both have ample experience from international hotels business.

The first international version of the Meetingpackage.com online marketplace will launch in early 2016. The company has already started its internationalization by partnering with several major hotel chains. 

Additional information: 
Markko Vaarnas, Managing partner, Takeoff Partners
Joonas Ahola, CEO, www.meetingpackage.com