Portfolio company case: Meetingpackage.com launched in the UK

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Our portfolio company Cocouz Oy Ltd. has recently finalized its 300kEUR seed financing round with a group of angel investors. The company is now taking its Meetingpackage.com meeting bookings service to the UK market.

Meetingpackage.com was first launched in Finland under the name Kokouspaketit.com. The service was successfully tested and further developed in the Finnish market since 2013.

Says Joonas Ahola, CEO and co-founder of the Meetingpackage.com service: “I used to run an event management and catering company for eight years, and learned just how cumbersome and time consuming it was to deal with requests and proposals. The industry lacked a simple, transparent and automated service.”

There were plenty of services that listed venues but without transparent information on pricing and availability. Ahola and his colleagues decided to leverage their experience from the events industry and developed Meetingpackage.com that first launched in Finland as Kokouspaketit.com. The service matches meeting organizers and venue providers by offering packages that cover the venue, catering and technical equipment. The transparently constructed packages help both meeting organizers and the venue providers skip the proposals hassle and save a lot of time and effort.

“Based on the good experiences and customer feedback in Finland, we are now ready to start marketing Meetingpackage.com in the UK”, Joonas Ahola says. “It will integrate with the reservation systems of hotel chains, and the availability of meeting packages will be visible to customers in real time”, he continues.

We wish Meetingpackage.com the best of success in conquering the UK market!

Btw. when is your next offsite meeting going to take place?