Markko Vaarnas to lead growth network Boardman2020

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Takeoff Partners’ Managing Partner Markko Vaarnas takes the helm of the Boardman2020 network. Boardman2020, or ‘B2020’, focuses on developing board performance and entrepreneurship in Finnish growth companies.

Markko Vaarnas has been an active member in the Boardman2020 network since 2011, and will now take the lead at the 8-member Board.

“The aim of the Boardman2020 new board is to inspire entrepreneurs and owners of growth-minded companies, and to provide support and expertise for them as needed on their path towards growth and international expansion. With the Boardman2020 network as their support, growth-minded entrepreneurs are never left alone, but will receive valuable support from peers and those who have ‘been there and done that’,” Markko Vaarnas says.

On the agenda for this spring there are at least the Startup & Boards event on February 5, an invitation-only VIP event on growth funding on March 6, an excursion to Singapore for entrepreneurs interested in the Asian markets (Mar 12-17), and the open-for-everyone Finance Board event on March 21 where growth entrepreneurs will get to discuss and assess the best financing strategies for growth.

Boardman2020 also welcomes two new members to its Board, Johanna Lehtonen, Client Director at Carat Finland, and Rasmus Nybergh, a serial entrepreneur who focuses on leading sales and expert professionals. 

At the same time, Markko Vaarnas thanks his resigning Board colleagues Taneli Tikka and Susanna Rantanen for their contributions. “We want to extend our warmest thanks to Taneli and Susanna for giving our network so much of their time and knowledge. With their help, we have created a backbone that enables us to expand our operations, we have developed our VIP member activities, and our top notch events have brought together and inspired countless people”, Markko says.

The B2020 Board in 2018 consists of Markko Vaarnas, Päivi Kangasmäki, Tuomo Luoma, Ray Lindberg, Kimmo Koivikko, Juha Frey, Johanna Lehtonen, and Rasmus Nybergh.

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