Markko Vaarnas of Takeoff Partners joins the FiBAN Board of Directors

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Finnish Business Angel Network (FiBAN) has elected a new board of directors for 2019. Markko Vaarnas accompanies six other board members to lead FiBAN to another successful year of business angel investing.

FiBAN is a large Finnish non-profit association of private investors. They aim to improve the possibilities for private investments in unlisted potential growth companies. The association is very active and has been extremely successful in what they do, mainly because of the FiBAN network being one the biggest and most active business angel networks in Europe, with over 650 approved members and 100 events annually. FiBAN has also received the Internationalization Award 2017 from Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic of Finland.

The new board of directors of FiBAN was elected on November 20th 2018 during the fall meeting. Markko Vaarnas will join six other experienced and enthusiastic business angels to form the new board, focusing in leading the organization and striving towards a future of increasingly successful business angel investing.

“I’ve been an active member of FiBAN for four years already and thus it’s very interesting to get inside the inner circle. I’m eager to see what’s happening in the field of early stage investment in Finland and I’m sure I’ll gain some new perspective this way”, Markko says in anticipation.