Markko Vaarnas in the Arctic15 jury selecting Fourdeg as the winner of pitch competition

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Takeoff Partners' Markko Vaarnas was part of the jury that selected Fourdeg as the winner of the Arctic15 pitching competition in May 2015.

The annual Arctic15 pitching competition seeks to find the most promising companies from the Nordics and Baltics each year. In 2015, The OP Pitching Competition @ Arctic15 promised a EUR 50 000 investment to the winner. As a result, competition was tough and the TOP 4 companies wanted to deprive the world of hunger, fix the energy crisis, teach everybody for free and disrupt the dentist market.

The winners were Fourdeg, a company that helps buildings and their tenants to manage their heating expenses. The data is easily accessible from a smartphone and the bid-data approach helps to save energy by up to 28%, which translates into sizable savings of money.

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