Expertise and innovation – Pilvi™ provides SaaS providers with the tools they need to grow

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Our portfolio company Pilvi Cloud Company Ltd is an active force in the SaaS field. The sales automation software Pilvi™ is doing well and has been used as a base for a new SaaS marketplace, the SaaShop. SaaShop is a one-of-a-kind platform bringing together Finnish SaaS innovations in one place. The company is also promoting products enjoying the well-recognized Software From Finland label.

Pilvi is a Finnish software company specialising in providing online sales support to SaaS (Software as a Service) organizations, service providers, and multi-product companies. The company has 20 years of experience in e-commerce and SaaS. This long experience includes undertaking hundreds of research projects for SaaS companies that are implementing e-commerce strategies. Expert service and consultation are paired with automated software to ensure a smooth process. Pilvi works as a partner in the development of the new Saas marketplace - the SaaShop.

Pilvi™ - innovative sales automation software for SaaS and CSPs

Pilvi has created an innovative automated online sales software platform for SaaS companies and cloud service providers (CSPs). In addition to providing the elements and functions of a typical web store, Pilvi™ allows controlling and directing of the whole service process of a customership.

“Many SaaS companies make the mistake of seeing online sales as a simple function. Just adding a ´buy button´ on the website is not enough, this needs to be followed with other steps. A large portion on online sales consists of understanding and managing the processes behind the scenes and making integrations”, says Tapio Talvisalo the CEO of Pilvi.

Some of the most concrete benefits of software supported online sales processes are the fast implementation and well-distributed resources.

“Our ready-to-use software together with our expertise can speed-up the process of online sales or online purchases remarkably”, Talvisalo underlines.

SaaShop brings together SaaS innovations under one online roof

With their expertise on SaaS organizations and their needs, Pilvi Cloud Company Ltd has been involved in another innovation that supports companies in the SaaS software field. SaaShop Ltd started out as an online catalogue of SaaS service providers for The Finnish Software Industry and Entrepreneur Association, an organization of which Pilvi Cloud Company is a member. Now they envision SaaShop as being the leading SaaS marketplace in the World.

SaaShop is built on the Pilvi™ platform, which is developed to work as a marketplace that displays products from many suppliers in one, simple-to-use online space.

SaaShop is an open marketplace that links SaaS products with organisations that have software needs. The emphasis is on customer experience at both ends - the platform offers an easy way for buyers to evaluate and test SaaS products before making a final buying decision. The seller of the SaaS product also benefits of this as a well-tested and mutually agreed software is likely to lead to to significant and long-term use in the customer organization.

The SaaS products go through a five-step selection criteria, which is based on a study completed in summer 2018. The study included data from 1000 SaaS companies. These selection criteria mean that quality is ensured for the end-user. In the study data from over 1000 leading SaaS companies’ websites, trial processes and productization was analyzed in depth by human experts.

There are numerous benefits to bringing all SaaS services under one roof online. As SaaShop has the international market very much in mind it’s a remarkable innovation for Finnish software developers looking to boost their exports. SaaShop Oy company serves as an admin and sales agent for the marketplace, which promotes the export of Finnish software. They represent approximately 20 different Finnish SaaS products aimed for sales, marketing and development of the internal functions of a company. We can’t wait to see this platform grow to its full potential!