Cuckoo Workout® Successfully Brings Together Companies and Schools for Better Health: Cuckoo School App Moves 30 000 Students All Around Finland

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Cuckoo Workout®, one of our portfolio companies, has for five years been providing offices with a tool that helps promote regular physical activity and boost the feeling of togetherness during workdays. Now Cuckoo Workout has achieved growth and visibility by uniting companies and schools: Every adult user of Cuckoo Workout app now automatically donates a free Cuckoo School license for two children.

Cuckoo School is an app that utilizes games and fun to promote physical activity in schools and aims to bring about better health and an active lifestyle for children. The license is free for all its users.

Veera Lehmonen, CEO of Cuckoo Workout, says that there has been a huge demand for a fun and effective way to boost children’s daily physical activity. School children currently spend approximately 70 % of their day sitting and there has been for a while a problem with children not exercising enough to remain as healthy and happy as possible.

“Many of our customers have been articulating this problem right from the get-go. If we want to pursue healthier working culture for adults, the most effective way is to light the spark for an active lifestyle early on in childhood.”

Cuckoo School – A large-scale shift towards healthier office culture starts in children

Cuckoo School is an exercise tool suitable for use during those important little breaks in any class. One Cuckoo School break takes only a few minutes and it instantly helps to boost children’s concentration.

The benefits of long-term use are better health for individual students and a more calm and effective studying environment for all, including teachers. Furthermore, the active lifestyle learned as a child is likely to persist throughout adulthood. 

Cuckoo School essentially shares similar long-term goals to the original Cuckoo Workout app: “We strive to make work communities more prosperous and more effective. We want to have an impact on corporate cultures all over the world by making them more forthcoming”, Lehmonen underlines.

Takeoff Partners has enabled Cuckoo Workout to blossom as a business

Takeoff Partners sees the potential in Cuckoo Workout’s business model now more than ever and is eager to participate in helping to take the company’s good cause further in the future.

“Takeoff Partners' expertise is wide-ranging and we have been able to call upon the skills of various experts to meet different business needs. I consider the biggest strengths of Takeoff Partners to lay in focus maintenance as well as in their skilled executive work. We have been able to implement these strengths successfully in our company”, says Veera Lehmonen.  

“When it comes to Cuckoo School, Takeoff Partners has enabled us to launch the service at precisely the right time and to develop it as an important part of our business strategy as opposed to just concentrating on its charity aspects.”

Challenge for companies: You can easily help to promote physical activity among children

“We want to encourage companies to join in our mission to increase school children’s daily exercise”, reminds Lehmonen. At the moment, there are hundreds of children waiting in line to get their free Cuckoo School license. Your company can give them it – and a chance for healthier lifestyle – simply by using Cuckoo Workout app!

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