Cuckoo Workout receives growth funding from Takeoff Partners

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Cuckoo Workout has completed a 160 thousand euro seed funding round with a network of private investors led by Takeoff Partners. With the help of the investment, the Cuckoo Workout service will be launched on a larger scale in Finland. The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) has also supported the development of Cuckoo Workout’s service.

The Finnish startup company Cuckoo Workout promotes a novel way for office workers to exercise during the workday. The Cuckoo Workout service activates employees through brief and fun video-instructed breaks and makes it easier for companies to support the health and well-being of their staff.

“Research studies have brought up the risks of excessive sitting during the day. We have developed a gamified solution that helps office employees feel better and more energetic at work. In our recent survey, 70% of the respondents felt more energetic during the workday after having adopted Cuckoo Workout as a daily office workout tool”, says Ida Mänty, one of the two founders of Cuckoo Workout.

The Finnish growth coach and private investor Takeoff Partners strengthens the Cuckoo team with a wealth of experience from international markets and business development. “Well-being at work is a global growth market, and Cuckoo Workout provides a simple and proven solution to activating office workers during the workday. The service has already provoked interest overseas, and scaling up the business internationally is technically straightforward. It tells a lot about the potential of the solution in the eyes of investors that it took us less than two weeks to collect the funding for this seed round. We were happy to be able to choose investors that will also provide experienced hands-on support to Cuckoo’s team in addition to money”, says Markko Vaarnas from Takeoff Partners.

“With the help of this funding, we will strengthen our market position in Finland, develop our business model further, and prepare the company for rapid internationalization”, summarizes Veera Lehmonen, co-founder of Cuckoo Workout the future plans of the company.

Takeoff Partners are experienced growth coaches and private investors who specialize in internationalizing B2B software and service businesses.

Cuckoo Workout is a work wellness startup company founded by two women entrepreneurs in 2014. Cuckoo Workout offers its B2B customers a web-based activity game that activates office workers during the workday and helps avoid the risks of sedentary work.

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