Takeoff Partners signs up to #StartupRefugees in Finland - Challenges other accelerators and investors to join in

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Takeoff Partners signs up to helping refugees arriving in Finland to start up businesses. The Startup Refugees initiative was launched just recently, and it already has backers ranging from public authorities to the startup festival Slush. Takeoff Partners wants to urge other startup accelerators and investors to also join in as donators for the great cause.

"We have many good reasons to be part of this initiative", says Markko Vaarnas, Managing partner of Takeoff Partners. "First, it's a great way to help the entrepreneurial refugees to have a new start in a new country, have something meaningful to do, and to integrate to the Finnish society. We want to support that. Second, the society will benefit, too. New businesses will bring new economic activity, fresh ideas and perhaps new employment opportunities to Finland", Vaarnas continues.

Takeoff Partners will donate money to support the Startup Refugees initiative, but the partners will also provide advisory and coaching on a pro bono basis.

Accelerators and investors join in!

Takeoff Partners wants to challenge all other business accelerators and VC or private investors to also join in on this very positive endeavor. Participation is easy at http://startuprefugees.com/. (Site content in Finnish.)