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Takeoff Partners are experienced growth advisors and private investors specializing on B2B SaaS growth. We will bring our fresh and multi-faceted experience from running international B2B software and service businesses into use by other growth-minded entrepreneurs, and frequently participate in discussions on related topics as experts of SaaS and internationalization.

  • We provide advisory and coaching that leverages our experience in growing businesses in Americas, APAC and Europe.
  • Depending on the situation we may work on targeted development projects or serve as interim leaders of growth related initiatives.
  • We also invest in some of the companies we work with, and serve as members of the Board as needed.
  • We are frequently invited to discuss themes related to B2B SaaS growth and internationalization on webinars and events.

Focus on internationalization 

While there are lots of venture capital companies, private investors and advisors working with growth companies these days, not everyone can claim the amount of international exposure that Takeoff Partners do. 

We have worked on greenfield operations, reseller arrangements, M&A deals and business partnerships in all major business hubs on five continents. We have also worked in long-standing partnerships with numerous Fortune 500 companies around the world, selling not only software products but related B2B business services.

More on our thinking about internationalization 

More on growing your B2B SaaS business

Would you like to discuss taking your SaaS business to the next level? We are always open to considering advisory and mentoring—do not hesitate to get in touch.

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