We work with our portfolio companies either as a team or as individual investors and advisors. Common to practically all our portfolio companies is that they are active in B2B software and service businesses. See the Services and What's new sections for more information. 

Miradore specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for managing IT devices efficiently. The company’s goal is to help Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT departments to secure and control IT devices, while dramatically cutting costs.

UPGRD Photos turns the traditional portrait-style photos into vibrant pieces of artwork with professional graphic design and photo editing possibilities. UPGRD Photos provides a license-based productivity toolkit for professional photographers.

Buildie offers software products for the construction industry. In particular, Buildie’s software tools help construction companies with fulfilling their increasingly demanding documentation requirements.

CollectiveCrunch utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to collect and process technical, climate and geo data for sophisticated future forecast models. The primary fields of activity of CollectiveCrunch are Smart Forestry and Logistics, where it helps optimize for instance the timing of wood harvesting and transport. CollectiveCrunch is a Finnish company with offices in Espoo, Berlin and Munich.

Humap Software is a consulting project engagement platform designed to drive productivity by replacing in-person workshops across distributed teams. The platform is already trusted by 100+ organizations in 10 countries.

Nonono.io, a service platform that makes it possible for consumers to publicly send constructive feedback to any company. Nonono enables the targeted companies to respond to the feedback equally publicly, that way offering them a great opportunity for doing positive marketing.

Videoly is the easiest way to cover your online store with video content. We make use of the product related videos already available on the internet – and integrate them directly to your product pages.

Pilvi is an online sales automation platform for SaaS companies and cloud service providers. Pilvi offers two types of services: it provides plug and play online shops for small and mid-size SaaS companies.

Futures Platform is a web-based tool that helps organizations build a holistic view of their own future and make winning choices in a changing world.

Fourdeg – Energy efficiency in buildings and district heating networks: Fourdeg is a smart heating startup that enables  better quality heating with less energy.

Zero Keyboard is a mobile app that allows its users to enter data into Salesforce without typing. Users will respond to pre-set questions with gestures, pictures and voice recording, and Zero Keyboard turns everything into readable information in Salesforce.

CareCare manufactures ergonomic, close-to-patient, single-use products for moving patients in hospitals and nursery homes. The traditional tools for moving patients often go unused because they are too distantly located from the patients, and the nurses have no time to wash them. Carecare provides an award-winning solution.

Meetingpackage.com is a unique web service through which B2B customers will easily find ready-made offsite meeting packages of all sizes. Suppliers of meeting packages benefit from additional sales through packaged services. Customers of meeting packages benefit from ease of use, time savings, and transparency of package content and price.

LATO Tools brings your strategy from boardroom into action. Once you have defined your business plans, the LATO software automates the cascading of goals and actions. It organizes transparent status reporting and follow-up routines saving time and effort. With the Mobile App you will have the latest data and update option always in your pocket.

Tellybean Modern life separates families and friends. Tellybean brings them back together. Tellybean offers a simple and easy way to make life-sized video calls on the TV to your family and friends.

Enbrite.ly fights ad fraud on the Internet. Enbrite.ly makes website traffic sources as transparent as possible, allowing for improved traffic quality and prompt identification of risks. Companies will understand their online conversion process and funnels, and reduce losses in customer acquisition.

Cuckoo Workout is a work wellness startup company founded by two women entrepreneurs in 2014. Cuckoo Workout offers its B2B customers a web-based activity game that activates office workers during the workday and helps avoid the risks of sedentary work.

Framery The Framery O phone booth gives employees privacy and the opportunity for uninterrupted work. Placing the booths in the middle of the staff solves the common noise problems in an open-plan office.