Leif Backman

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+358(0)400 885 369

Leif Backman is a senior partner with Takeoff Partners since December 2014. Prior to Takeoff Partners, Leif worked in business research first at McKinsey & Company during 1990-1995 and thereafter as an entrepreneur at Quartus Business Research (1996-1999) and GIA Group (1999-2014), respectively.

Leif has ample experience of client-facing work, conducting strategic analysis projects and developing key account relationships. In addition, Leif served as an active Board member for GIA Group during 1999-2014, working on strategy and corporate governance, organizational design and HR development. 

As a certified coach, Leif helps teams and individuals make the most of their capabilities. This is particularly useful for entrepreneurs looking to maximize the strength of their team for successful international growth.

Outside of work, Leif enjoys sailing during summertime and racket sports all year round.